How to make money as a student

We know how challenging balancing finances can be at University so here are our top tips on how to make money as a student!

1. Sell on the Hazaar App

Sell unwanted items including clothes, costumes, household items and textbooks to other students on campus using Hazaar, the student marketplace app. With no wasted money on postage or packaging you simply meet up on campus to hand over the item. Everyone on the app is a verified student or small business owner local to your university to ensure student safety. Scamming is also a thing of the past as payment is released in the presence of both the buyer and the seller through scanning of a QR code.

Read more about how to sell on Hazaar. 

2. Sign up to a Hazaar Car Boot Sale

Get rid of your unwanted items and earch cash quick by selling at a Hazaar Car Boot Sale. Turn up with your items, sell them on the day and recieve payment instantly through the quick scan function on the Hazaar app. Car Boot Sales run on campus the first Tuesday of every month with previous students earning over £120 within the first few hours!! Sign up for the next car boot sale!

Sign up to the next car boot sale.

3. Become a student ambassador

Becoming a student ambassador is perfect if you’re a busy student allowing you to fit when you work and for how long around your own schedule! You can become an ambassador for your university where you’ll help out with open days, be an advocate for your course and universtiy and help out at events! You can also become a brand ambassador for brands lookign to tap into the student space! You’ll likely be involved in digital and on campus promotion, attending events and getting creative with marketing activities!

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4. Retail or Cafe Job

Getting a retail or a cafe job is great to ensure guarenteed pay, acts as a nice distraction from studies and builds some useful transferable skills for your future careers. Hours are also often flexible to a certain extent but it can be a bit more of a commitment! You might even get discounts as part of your work perks which is always a great bonus!

5. Student Content Creator

Love social media? obsessed with creating tiktoks or reels? joining a student agency might be the perfect job for you! If you’ve got a small social media following you can get paid to represent brands and promote them on your instagram stories. Work when you want for who you want all from your phone!