How does the Hazaar app work?

Hazaar ensures all the items you see are local to you by using your university email address to filter you into your marketplace.

Quick fire facts

  • Hazaar is exclusively for students so requires a student email address to get started.
  • Students can browse items through categories designed with students in mind, search for their favourite brand or find friends through the search function.
  • Buying and selling all happens within the app and you can even message the seller prior to purchasing.
  • You then have 7 days to meet up with the seller in a safe and conveinient spot for the both of you to complete the purchase.

Is Hazaar safe?

Scamming is a thing of the past with Hazaar.

At Hazaar once you’ve sold an item you’ll get given a QR code unique to that transaction. This QR code must then be scanned by the buyer in the presence of both the buyer and the seller to complete the transaction and trigger the transfer of payment.

Within the app you can find our recommended safe spaces on campus where we recommend completing the transaction.

All of the users on Hazaar are students, verified by their student email and we re-verify students each year to ensure only current students have access to the app.

There are some users on the app within each city who have their own small business or are a vintage seller - these users have been authorised by Hazaar for credibility and ensure the safety of our users.

How is Hazaar designed for students?

Hazaar was created with the student in mind, to make sustainable living the cheapest, easiest and most convenient.

We know students want to be able to stay on trend, have memorable university experiences yet save money and be more minful to the planet. Hazaar exists to solve this.

A few reasons why Hazaar is all for students:

  • Categories to suit your student experience - last minute sports costumes, £20 and under, New in in your marketplace and more.
  • The average transaction is £14 with hundreds of items listed way below this amount.
  • Convenience - we give our users flexibility in where they hand over their items to ensure its an appropriate space for both.
  • No postage or packaging - say goodbye to those extra ££s you need to spend getting to the post office or packaging your item, you save time and money as well as the environment!

How to join Hazaar

The first step to joining Hazaar is making an account. This is super simple and takes less than a few minutes. Here is how it works:

  • Download Hazaar from the App Store or google play
  • Sign up with a valid university student email address - this ensures you get filtered into the correct marketplace to ensure all items you see are local to you.
  • Choose a username and a strong password
  • Select a photo to represent yourself, we highly recommend using a recent photo of yourself to make yourself recognisable when handing over items.

That’s it! You’re all set to start using Hazaar!